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The 2010-11 People's Poll: Pre-Season

Posted on: November 8, 2010 12:38 pm
Edited on: November 8, 2010 2:05 pm

Welcome to the Pre-Season People's Poll!         

The People's Poll is made up of 40+ College Basketball fans who want their opinions heard! Voters give their take over the weeks action on the main CBB board with the results tallied here every Monday. Each week's poll reflects games played through Sunday. If you'd like to check out each voters ballot, here you go. Even if you're not a regular voter, look for the People's Poll voting thread every week to give your take! You may end up in the poll!

So without further adieu.. I give you the 2010-11 Pre-Season People's Poll!

 1. (35) DUKE (-) 995      0-0      HR-1 LR-2

"You have to give the Blue Devils the spot after winning it all last year." -UHS

 2. (5) MICHIGAN STATE (-) 962      0-0      HR-1 LR-3

"Tom Izzo has a knack for bringing out the best in his players, regardless of how high they are ranked on the talent scale." -Crazy_kitty

 3. KANSAS STATE (-) 887      0-0      HR-2 LR-7

"rank Martin is the most intensive guy on the sidelines in college basketball.  It would be interesting to have him wired up for a game--not with a microphone, but an EKG apparatus!" -Wachoosay

 4. PITTSBURGH (-) 872      0-0      HR-2 LR-8

"A 3-seed team from last year who gained more than they lost.  They only lost Dixon, who was a little bit of a ball-hog, while gaining 5 players, two of which, redshirts Zanna and Patterson, will get some serious minutes." -Sportemind

 5. VILLANOVA (-) 785      0-0      HR-2 LR-NR

"They have lost the face of the franchise in Scottie Reynolds, but with the expected jump of sophomore players Yarou and Wayns they could be a better team." -Sportemind

 6. OHIO STATE (-) 777      0-0      HR-2 LR-21

"The old guys are the cake and the big freshman is the icing." -BoilerNC

 7. KANSAS(-) 725      0-0      HR-4 LR-19

"I'm not putting KU behind KSU until KSU proves they're the team to beat in the Big 12." -OSUbeatMICHIGAN

 8. NORTH CAROLINA (-) 631      0-0      HR-6 LR-25

"Hmmmm, it will be interesting to see if they can come back from a bad year so quickly, but if anyone can they can." -Hoosierguy10109

 9. FLORIDA (-) 628      0-0      HR-6 LR-20

"Returned all five starters from a team that made Florida's first tourney appearance since winning it." -Sportemind

 10. SYRACUSE (-) 626      0-0      HR-5 LR-NR

"It’s a time to rebuild for the Orangemen, but Jim Boeheim will be successful in putting it all together again." -Crazy_kitty

 11. KENTUCKY (-) 540      0-0      HR-6 LR-NR

"Another group of talented freshmen, but lose poll spots over  last year's team due to no Patrick Patterson leadership and lose more places because no Kanter yet." -Nekco

 12. GONZAGA (-) 525      0-0      HR-7 LR-NR

"Oh brother why do voters keep ranking Gonzaga so high every year." -Jasonwells1982 (Editors note: JW had the Zags ranked 11th)

 13. BAYLOR (-) 492      0-0      HR-8 LR-NR

"I think they will ride off of the football team's success and be really pumped for the season." -UHS

 14. PURDUE (-) 486      0-0      HR-3 LR-NR

"Robbie Hummel is a huge loss, however, this team still has the talent to compete for the Big Ten title." -OSUbeatMICHIGAN

 15. MISSOURI (-) 431      0-0      HR-11 LR-NR

"The Tigers have had a nice turnaround in fortunes since Mike Anderson took over the helm in Columbia.  As long as he sticks around mid-Missouri, expect the Tigers to be fixtures near the top of the Big 12 standings." -Wachoosay

 16. ILLINOIS (-) 409      0-0      HR-8 LR-24

"looking for Mike and Mike and Demetri McCamey to dominate and have big contributions from the underclassmen." -Cahall15

 17. MEMPHIS (-) 392      0-0      HR-8 LR-NR

"GREAT class of frosh coming in." -Chase4MVP

 18. BUTLER (-) 335      0-0      HR-12 LR-NR

"Lost Howard but hard to count of the defending runner up." -Jermtheworm33

 19. WASHINGTON (-) 334      0-0      HR-11 LR-NR

"The best of the Pac 10 because the rest of them ain't good." -Jasonwells1982

 20. GEORGETOWN (-) 225      0-0      HR-12 LR-NR

"The good news: they ended last year as a top 25 team, they have a top 20 recruiting class, and they lost only 1 player.  The bad news: that one player was Greg Monroe." Sportemind

 21. TEMPLE (-) 177      0-0      HR-15 LR-NR

"The Owls came back into basketball's limelight last year in the improved and rugged Atlantic-10.  But, they threw it away with a lackluster performance in the first round of the Big Dance.  If they can successfully navigate their conference minefields, don't look for Fran Dunphy and his staff to make that same mistake again." -Wachoosay

 22. VIRGINIA TECH (-) 143      0-0      HR-15 LR-NR

"Delaney reserves a spot for the Hokies  who were left out of the NCAA tourney last season." -Crazy_kitty

 23. WISCONSIN (-) 132      0-0      HR-12 LR-NR

"isn't it a rule that they be ranked?" -BoilerNC

 24. SAN DIEGO STATE (-) 115      0-0      HR-17 LR-NR

"Return all five starters from a 25-win, NCAA Tournament squad.  Tremendously long and athletic frontline.  Sophomore Kawhi Leonard could average 15 & 12." -Theriverrock

 25. TENNESSEE (-) 90      0-0      HR-19 LR-NR

"when do we get invited to a barbque at Pearl's house." -Hammerboyy

Biggest jump: (-)              Biggest fall: (-)      

Others receiving votes: 
BYU 71, Texas 49, Georgia 39, UNLV 28, Mississippi State 23, Wichita State 19, West Virginia 12, Minnesota 7, Utah State 7, North Carolina State 7, Richmond 6, North Carolina State 6, Xavier 4, Connecticut 3, Maryland 3, Vanderbilt 2, Milwaukee 1

What it all means: (First place votes), Team, (Change in rank from last week), Points, Record, Highest Rank, Lowest Rank, AP rank, Coache's rank, Gary Parrish's rank, Voter's Take

Conference power rankings:

  1. Big 10  (.0203)
  2. Big 12  (.0602)
  3. ACC (.0607) 
  4. SEC (.0708)
  5. Big East (.0804) 
  6. West Coast (.1501)
  7. Horizon (.1509) 
  8. Mountain West  (.1610) 
  9. Atlantic 10 (.1811) 
  10. Pac 10 (.1906)  
  11. USA (.2205) 
  12. Missouri Valley (.2312)
  13. Western Athletic (.2313) 

(Only teams receiving votes in TPP are calculated into CPR)

The People's Poll Awards!

Player of the year: Singler
HM: Pullen, Fredette, Lucas, Leuer, Morris

Frosh of the year: Barnes
HM: Selby, Kanter, Irving, Sullinger, Appling, Knight, Jones

TPP All American Team:

1st Team:

  • Singler
  • Pullen
  • Freddette
  • Johnson
  • Lucas

2nd Team:

  • Barnes
  • Morris
  • Smith
  • Harris
  • Thompkins

3rd Team:

  • Dunn
  • Moore
  • Sullinger
  • Leuer
  • Gibbs

HM: Jones, Thompson, Walker, Freeman, Leslie, Kanter, Delany, Mack, Battle, Williams, McCamey

TPP Final Four Picks:

  • Michigan State
  • Duke
  • Kansas State
  • Pittsburgh

HM: Baylor, Syracuse, Villanova, Kansas, Ohio State, North Carolina, Florida, Illinois, Washington, Pudue, Missouri, Kentucky, Gonzaga, Memphis, Wisconsin

TPP Predicted Champ: Michigan State

What!?! How can ____ not be ranked! Or how did ____ get a first place vote? Click here to check out TPP Poll Attacks!

Thanks everyone who voted! Don't forget to check out the
People's Poll Group! 

TPP needs your help!

Last year the poll was "more robust" (you old timers see what I did there) due to the help of several voters. Hammerboyy, Lobofan2003, Canuck23 and KUnflmlbnba+ all helped out by adding something to the poll. Included were:

The Look Ahead (a synopsis of the 5 biggest games of the upcoming week)
The Poll Attacks (a breakdown of how the voters voted.. while pointing out the head scratchers)
Week in Review (a list of the games played by each team each week)
Composite Rankings (a list of how each team was ranked by the AP, CP, Gary Parish, Pomeroy and RPI)

An example of all these things can be found here.

One of the things that makes this poll so cool is the fact that it really is by the people. If anyone would like to help out on a weekly basis it would be extremly helpful. This thing takes some work to put together, so the items I've listed can really only be implemented with help from you guys. If you would like to help out, or time share some of the duties please let me know. I will do what I can to provide you with any information that is needed.


Since: Sep 22, 2006
Posted on: November 10, 2010 2:23 pm

The 2010-11 People's Poll: Pre-Season

UHS, that's a might short memory.  Parrish just wrote an article on it, but anyone who watched last year should know that losing to a D-II school is not such a big deal.  Any Syracuse fan will tell you that.  Players are just starting to pay attention, so don't pay too much attention to what happens on the court until December.

Outside of some small things (I cannot see Duke at #1 because even though Scheyer was the only significant loss, 39 minutes of flawless PG play every game is bigger than most people think), it looks like TPP is off to a good start.  Sorry I missed the deadline, but that's part of hiatusing.  Back in this week, I hope.

God it's great to have college hoops back.Cool

Since: Dec 15, 2009
Posted on: November 10, 2010 3:59 am

The 2010-11 People's Poll: Pre-Season

ok ummm, Yukon is receiving some votes and is the #39th team. In the BE poll they were picked to finished 10th, meanwhile ST. John`s was picked to finish 6th in the BE.

I understand name recognition and how they performed in the past, but preseason polls isn`t based on past years but predicting how good we think teams/schools will be.

Not saying that STJ should be there just because of Lavin, but there`s nooooo way Yukon should receive any votes.

Since: Oct 14, 2006
Posted on: November 9, 2010 12:48 pm

The 2010-11 People's Poll: Pre-Season

So let me understand this...THE BIG EAST is behind both the Big 12 and SEC conferences in this poll....well the credibility just went out the window here.........

Since: Feb 28, 2007
Posted on: November 9, 2010 12:30 pm

The 2010-11 People's Poll: Pre-Season

Glad to see the return of the TPP - and great job, as always, Jawhk!

I think the interest in the "extra stuff" will pick up once the season gets rolling.  We are still in pre-season.  I am a bit too busy to commit to do a job for the poll on a weekly basis, but i am willing to fill in as a backup if needed. 

Since: Jan 11, 2008
Posted on: November 9, 2010 10:43 am

The 2010-11 People's Poll: Pre-Season

Nice job as always, and actually the poll results turned out nicely.

Just a little offended that you did't use my comments for Wisconsin though.

Since: Feb 22, 2010
Posted on: November 9, 2010 8:21 am

The 2010-11 People's Poll: Pre-Season

I love how Tennessee is ranked in the top 25 yet they loose to a division 2 team in an exhibition.  I had them in mine yes but no longer.  This is just sad and I would feel utterly embarrassed&
nbsp;to be a Tennessee fan right now with all of the NCAA sanctions and not being very good.  Then again I can feel where you are having to sit through Gene Chizik for two years.  All in all Tennessee needs to get back up there and forget about the loss and win some games.

Since: Jan 3, 2007
Posted on: November 8, 2010 8:41 pm

The 2010-11 People's Poll: Pre-Season

"Oh brother why do voters keep ranking Gonzaga so high every year." -Jasonwells1982 (Editors note: JW had the Zags ranked 11th)

me and my big mouth lol.

Since: Feb 15, 2007
Posted on: November 8, 2010 2:20 pm

The 2010-11 People's Poll: Pre-Season

Since: Feb 15, 2007
Posted on: November 8, 2010 2:10 pm

The 2010-11 People's Poll: Pre-Season

Thanks to everyone who voted and left comments!!!

The sh_t list will be posted on the group page later today.

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