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The People's Poll: Week 3

Welcome to the Week 3 People's Poll!  

The People's Poll is made up of 40+ College Basketball fans who want their opinions heard! Voters give their take over the weeks action on the main CBB board with the results tallied here every Tuesday. Each week's poll reflects games played through Sunday. ie games played yesterday (Monday) have not been accounted for. If you'd like to check out each voters ballot, here you go. Even if you're not a regular voter, look for the People's Poll voting thread every week to give your take! You may end up in the poll!

So without further adieu.. I give you the Week 3 People's Poll!   

North Carolina Tar Heels logo1. (40) North Carolina (E) 1000 7-0 HR-1 LR-1

"North Carolina is sheer dominance." -Gezemice

Connecticut Huskies logo2. Connecticut (E) 958 7-0 HR-2 LR-3

Pittsburgh Panthers logo 3. Pittsburgh (+1) 885 7-0 HR-2 LR-10

Gonzaga Bulldogs logo4. Gonzaga (+6) 845 5-0 HR-3 LR-10

"Gonzaga is extremly impressive this early in the year with some big wins." -ThaBadge

Duke Blue Devils logo5. Duke (+2) 802 7-0 HR-3 LR-12

"Duke is a jump shooting team with almost no inside game. That is going to catch up with them." -KVSkubball

Oklahoma Sooners logo6. Oklahoma (+6) 795 6-0 HR-3 LR-12

Notre Dame Fighting Irish logo7. Notre Dame (+2) 748 5-1 HR-4 LR-19

"To me, Notre Dame's week was as impressive as anyone's, capped by a Harangody-less bum-rushing of a terrible team." -Pittbaster

Texas Longhorns logo8. Texas (-3) 698 5-1 HR-4 LR-15

Purdue Boilermakers logo9. Purdue (-1) 673 5-1 HR-4 LR-14

Tennessee Volunteers logo10. Tennessee (+1) 593 5-1 HR-4 LR-17

"They have great potential, all they need is to learn how to win if their transition game is shut down." -Gezemice

UCLA Bruins logo11. UCLA (+2) 561 4-1 HR-4 LR-NR

"They have a name and everyone seems to equate that with an entitlement to a top 10 ranking. It is Collison and Co. and it is the "Co." that I have issues with. The "Co." is inexperienced and frankly they havn't got it together yet." -KVSkubball

Xavier Musketeers logo12. Xavier (+4) 525 6-0 HR-6 LR-19

Louisville Cardinals logo13. Louisville (-10) 504 2-1 HR-6 LR-NR

"Like last year, they'll rise as the season progresses." -NateO

Michigan St. Spartans logo14. Michigan State (-8) 446 4-1 HR-5 LR-23

"Michigan State, as usual, completely over hyped. They will finish no better than 3rd in conference this year" -ThaBadge

Syracuse Orange logo15. Syracuse (NR) 405 7-0 HR-9 LR-25

Wake Forest Demon Deacons logo16. Wake Forest (+8) 391 6-0 HR-10 LR-21

Memphis Tigers logo17. Memphis (-3) 388 4-1 HR-7 LR-24

Villanova Wildcats logo18. Villanova (+3) 331 6-0 HR-8 LR-NR

Miami (Fla.) Hurricanes logo19. Miami (+1) 278 4-1 HR-13 LR-NR

Georgetown Hoyas logo20. Georgetown (+2) 193 4-1 HR-11 LR-NR

"Georgetown is young as well. Again this is a school that many seem to feel is entitled to a top 10 ranking. I think they need to show it on the court. Have they? Not in my opinion. Will they be better in 10 games.. probably." -KVSkubball

Arizona St. Sun Devils logo21. Arizona State (-4) 166 5-1 HR-14 LR-NR

Baylor Bears logo22. Baylor (+3) 152 6-1 HR-15 LR-NR

Davidson Wildcats logo23. Davidson (NR) 137 5-1 HR-16 LR-NR

"Davidson slides up a bit because they have managed to win without Curry. I know the other team left someone open the whole time, but they still had to make the shots and play defense. Curry alone was enough to keep them in the rankings, but now they've shown that the rest of the squad has a pulse." -Pittbaster

Florida Gators logo24. Florida (-5) 126 5-1 HR-15 LR-NR

Dayton Flyers logo 25. Dayton (NR) 90 6-0 HR-18 LR-NR

In: Syracuse, Davidson, Dayton     Out: Wisconsin, Marquette, UNLV

Others recieving votes: Wisconsin 88, Kansas 77, Marquette 43, Ohio State 30, Clemson 21, LSU 16, Florida State 9, UNLV 9, Washington State 6, Illinois 4, Michigan 2, Kentucky 2, Seton Hall 1, Missouri 1, BYU 1

Teams by conference: Big East- 7, ACC- 4, Big 12- 3, Big 10- 2, Pac 10-2, SEC- 2, Atlantic 10- 2, USA- 1, Southern- 1, West Coast- 1

What it all means: (First place votes), Team, (Change in rank from last week), Points, Record, Highest Rank, Lowest Rank 

Breaking down the rankings: For the first time all season we have a consensus #1. North Carolina pulled in all 40 first place votes and sits comfortably atop the poll after their dismantling of Notre Dame. Connecticut held strong at #2 and Pitt slid up to #3 after Louisville's embarrassing loss to Western Kentucky. The Zags made a big jump to #4, while Duke rounds out the top 5.

Oklahoma sits at #6 after taking home the pre-season NIT and is followed by Notre Dame who took home a split this week with games vs Texas and UNC. Speaking of Texas they are next at #8 followed by Purdue who has a huge showdown with #5 Duke tonight. Tennessee finishes up the top 10 as they look to get back on track after last weeks loss.

UCLA looks to jump back into the top 10 next week as they creep up to #11. Xavier made a nice jump up four spots from #16 to #12. They are followed by a sinking Louisville squad. Speaking of sinking, Michigan State drops to #14 followed by previously unranked Syracuse.

Wake Forest makes an impressive 8 spot jump after beating a ranked Baylor team and Memphis continues to slip despite not losing this week. Villanova, Miami (Fla) and Georgetown make up the rest of the top 20.

The last five spots in the poll appear to be open to anyone with several teams recieveing votes. This week its four team who have been there before (Baylor, Davidson & Florida) and one newcomer Dayton who is coming off a nice win vs previously ranked Marquette.

Thats it for this weeks edition. Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote and read the poll! If you would like to contribute look for The People's Poll voting thread each week. The poll is truly by the people for the poeple, so I encourage anyone who is intereseted to leave their poll and give their take as it will help the overall "robustness" of the poll. Thanks again!

What!?! How can ____ not be ranked! Or how did ____ get voted so high? Click here to check out everyone's ballots.

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The People's Poll: Week 2

Welcome to the Week 2 People's Poll!

The People's Poll is made up of 40+ College Basketball fans who want their opinions heard! Voters give their take over the weeks action on the main CBB board with the results tallied here every Tuesday. Each week's poll reflects games played through Sunday. ie games played yesterday (Monday) have not been accounted for. If you'd like to check out each voters ballot, here is the thread. Even if you're not a regular voter, look for the Poeple's Poll voting thread every week to give your take! You may end up in the poll!

So without further adieu.. I give you the Week 2 People's Poll!   

North Carolina Tar Heels logo1. (36) North Carolina (E) 994 4-0 HR-1 LR-3

Connecticut Huskies logo2. (1) Connecticut (E) 947 5-0 HR-1 LR-4

Louisville Cardinals logo3. (2) Louisville (E) 905 2-0 HR-1 LR-17

Pittsburgh Panthers logo 4. Pittsburgh (+1) 814 4-0 HR-2 LR-13

Texas Longhorns logo5. Texas (+1) 780 3-0 HR-3 LR-15

Michigan St. Spartans logo6. Michigan State (+1) 732 2-0 HR-4 LR-16

Duke Blue Devils logo7. (1) Duke (+3) 724 6-0 HR-1 LR-14

Purdue Boilermakers logo8. Purdue (+1) 710 4-0 HR-3 LR-12

Notre Dame Fighting Irish logo9. Notre Dame (-1) 694 3-0 HR-4 LR-NR

Gonzaga Bulldogs logo10. Gonzaga (+1) 658 2-0 HR-3 LR-20

Tennessee Volunteers logo11. Tennessee (+1) 616 3-0 HR-3 LR-16

Oklahoma Sooners logo12. Oklahoma (+2) 596 4-0 HR-4 LR-19

UCLA Bruins logo13. UCLA (-9) 493 3-1 HR-6 LR-NR

Memphis Tigers logo14. Memphis (-1) 347 4-1 HR-7 LR-NR

Marquette Golden Eagles logo15. Marquette (+3) 331 3-0 HR-12 LR-NR

Xavier Musketeers logo16. Xavier (NR) 309 5-0 HR-4 LR-NR

Arizona St. Sun Devils logo17. Arizona State (-1) 304 3-0 HR-12 LR-NR

UNLV Rebels logo18. UNLV (+1) 289 5-0 HR-8 LR-NR

Florida Gators logo19. Florida (-2) 262 3-0 HR-12 LR-NR

Miami (Fla.) Hurricanes logo20. Miami (-5) 221 3-1 HR- 11 LR-NR

Villanova Wildcats logo21. Villanova (+3) 208 3-0 HR-9 LR-NR

Georgetown Hoyas logo22. Georgetown (+1) 197 2-0 HR-11 LR-NR

Wisconsin Badgers logo23. Wisconsin (NR) 155 4-0 HR-13 LR-NR

Wake Forest Demon Deacons logo24. Wake Forest (+1) 148 3-0 HR-10 LR-NR

Baylor Bears logo25. Baylor (-3) 138 4-0 HR-14 LR-NR

Xavier, Wisconsin     Out: USC, Kansas

Others recieving votes: Kansas 130, Davidson 100, Syracuse 67, UAB 32, St. Mary's 26, Seton Hall 24, Ohio State 22, USC 7, West Virginia 6, Clemson 4, Virginia Tech 3, LSU 2, Michigan 2, San Diego 1, Illinois 1, Missouri 1

Teams by conference: Big East- 7, ACC- 4, Big 10- 3, Big 12- 3, SEC- 2, Pac 10-2, Atlantic 10- 1, Mtn West- 1, USA-1, West Coast- 1  

What it all means: (First place votes), Team, (Change in rank from last week), Points, Record, Highest Rank, Lowest Rank 

Breaking down the rankings: Finally College Basketball is getting into full swing and with it there has been some significant shuffling in the poll. The top three spots all remain the same but UCLA got hit hard with a big slide from #4 all the way down to #13 after their loss to Michigan. The next three teams (Pitt, Texas & Michigan State) all get bumped up one notch. Meanwhile Duke makes a big jump to #7 over Purdue and Notre Dame who were ranked ahead of the Blue Devils last week. Another interesting note has Memphis only dropping one spot after their loss to Xavier. Speaking of Xavier, they make their first appearance in the poll at #16 after winning the San Juan tip-off. Miami (Fla) took a slight hit after their L to Connecticut while USC dropped out of the poll completely. One surprising development was the drop of two Big 12 teams at the bottom of the poll. Baylor slipped from #22 to #25 while Kansas went from #21 to unranked. We're going to credit this to the relative newness of the season with the hope that things will stabilize as the season progesses.

Thanks to everyone who voted!

What!?! How can ____ not be ranked! Or how did ____ get a first place vote? Click here to check out everyone's ballots.

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The People's Poll (Week 1)

Welcome to the Week 1 People's Poll!

Not much has changed since the pre-season, but things should start to heat up this week with some good games on the schedule.

Games of the Week: UNC vs UK (11/18), Davidson vs OU (11/18), UCLA vs Michigan (11/20)

What it all Means: (First place votes), Team, (Change in rank from last week), Points, Record, Highest Rank, Lowest Rank 

North Carolina Tar Heels logo1. (36) North Carolina (E) 994 1-0 HR-1 LR-3

Connecticut Huskies logo2. (1) Connecticut (E) 934 2-0 HR-1 LR-9

Louisville Cardinals logo3. (2) Louisville (E) 878 0-0 HR-1 LR-18

UCLA Bruins logo4. UCLA (E) 825 2-0 HR-2 LR-16

Pittsburgh Panthers logo5. Pittsburgh (E) 779 2-0 HR-2 LR-17

Texas Longhorns logo6. Texas (E) 736 1-0 HR-4 LR-14

Michigan St. Spartans logo7. Michigan State (+1) 708 1-0 HR-4 LR-16

Notre Dame Fighting Irish logo8. Notre Dame (+1) 669 1-0 HR-4 LR-18

Purdue Boilermakers logo9. Purdue (+1) 657 2-0 HR-5 LR-16

Duke Blue Devils logo10. Duke (-3) 650 3-0 HR-3 LR-20

Gonzaga Bulldogs logo11. Gonzaga (E) 647 1-0 HR-2 LR-18

Tennessee Volunteers logo12. Tennessee (E) 590 1-0 HR-3 LR-18

Memphis Tigers logo13. Memphis (E) 544 2-0 HR-2 LR-21 

Oklahoma Sooners logo14. Oklahoma (E) 530 2-0 HR-4 LR-NR

Miami (Fla.) Hurricanes logo15. Miami (Fla) (E) 372 1-0 HR-10 LR-NR

Arizona St. Sun Devils logo16. Arizona State (E) 275 1-0 HR-13 LR-NR

Florida Gators logo17. Florida (+2) 263 2-0 HR-4 LR-NR

Marquette Golden Eagles logo18. Marquette (-1) 255 2-0 HR-14 LR-NR

UNLV Rebels logo19. UNLV (-1) 233 HR-9 1-0 LR-NR

USC Trojans logo20. USC (+1) 214 1-0 HR-15 LR-NR

Kansas Jayhawks logo21. (1) Kansas (-1) 178 1-0 HR-1 LR-NR

Baylor Bears logo22. Baylor (+2) 151 1-0 HR-11 LR-NR

Georgetown Hoyas logo23. Georgetown (E) 150 1-0 HR-10 LR-NR

Villanova Wildcats logo24. Villanova (-2) 149 2-0 HR-10 LR-NR

Wake Forest Demon Deacons logo25. Wake Forest (NR) 138 1-0 HR-12 LR-NR

Others receiving votes: Davidson 132, Wisconsin 117, Syracuse 85, Xavier 42, St. Mary's 24, UAB 18, West Virginia 17, Ohio St 12, Virginia Tech 12, San Diego St 7,  LSU 5, Clemson 3, Vanderbilt 1, Washington St 1

Teams By Conference: Big East- 7, Big 12- 4, ACC- 4, Pac 10- 3, Big 10- 2, SEC- 2, Mountain West- 1, USA- 1, WCC- 1

Breaking Down the Rankings: Duke drops 3 spots despite being 3-0. Guess a tough win over  Rhode Island tainted the Blue Devils in the minds of the voters. UCLA stayed the same despite a close win over Miami (Oh). Looks like the voters were quick to drop Duke, but a little easier on UCLA. Anti-Duke bias anyone? More interesting changes came at the tail end of the poll. It appears there is some unrest at the bottom as teams were shuffled up and down. Wake Forest worked its way in for the first time this season replacing Davidson who dropped in to #26. Credit the movement to a lack of work of which to judge each team by. Look for things to shake themselves out in the coming weeks.

Thanks to everyone who voted!

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The People's Poll (Pre-Season)

Welcome to the first edition of the People’s Poll! I would like to thank everyone who contributed their thoughts and opinions on this week’s pre-season poll. Things turned out the way one would expect with UNC in the top spot and Georgetown continuing to be overrated. An interesting thing to look at is the actual rank of a given team compared to their high and low ranks from individual voters. Seems some teams had a huge discrepancy in their positioning. Look for things to become clearer as the week’s progress and we start basing our projections on performance vs speculation. So without further adieu, I give you the People’s Pre-Season Poll!
 North Carolina Tar Heels logo1. North Carolina (35) 994 The favorite. That’s what UNC will play as all year. With all 5 starters returning from last years Final Four team, this is your clear cut favorite to win it all. The questions for this squad will be how they overcome adversity (injuries) and the huge monkey that will be riding on their backs all season. When expectations are Championship or bust, there is plenty of pressure to go around. This team has the talent but needs to show it has the cohones to accomplish what many say is rightfully there’s. HR-1 LR-3
 Connecticut Huskies logo2. Connecticut (2) 934 After a brief slip from the limelight, this years Connecticut team looks to make a return to glory. When you play in a conference with 76 teams its tough to pick a favorite, but look for UConn to be just that in a stacked Big East. With 4 starters returning AJ Price and Hasheem Thabeet look to make up one of the best 1-2 punches in the game. And as long as Price can stay on the court, this team should be a serious contender all season long. HR-1 LR-12
Louisville Cardinals logo3. Louisville (2) 870 If you’re looking for a team not named Connecticut to win the Big East, look no further than the Cardinals. Lead by a Hall of Fame coach, Louisville looks like one of the few teams that is poised to cut down the nets. We’re curious to see how this squad will be able to overcome the loss of big man David Padgett. If they can find someone to step up to fill the hole in the middle and Edgar Sosa can improve off of a lackluster sophomore campaign, this team could bring a National Title to the Big East. HR-1 LR-NR
UCLA Bruins logo4. UCLA 832 Outside of North Carolina, no other team may have as big of expectations (or as much pressure) as UCLA. Bruin fans yawn at Final Fours and only a National Title will do for this year’s team. With it being a relatively weak year in the Pac 10, there is no excuse for this team not to grab a top seed come March. Lead by Darren Collison and Josh Shipp, UCLA could arguably have the best backcourt in the country. Throw in stud frosh Jrue Holliday and anything less then a title will be a letdown. HR-2 LR-NR
Pittsburgh Panthers logo5. Pittsburgh 781 Jamie Dixon’s name always seems to pop up at the end of each season as coaching jobs open up. But looking at this year’s team it’s easy to see why he’s had no interest in leaving. Pitt has a big three that should experience plenty of success this upcoming year. Look for Fields (when he gets back from injury) Young and big man Blair to make a formidable trio in the Big East. Team there talent with Pitt’s other young pieces and Dixon hopes to be making some noise come March. HR-2 LR-16
Texas Longhorns logo6. Texas 728 How great it must be to coach in Texas. With all 5 starters coming from the lone star state it looks like Rick Barnes has a homegrown squad looking to finally make the jump past Kansas. Expectations are high in Austin but there are a few things that could foil Barnes and co’s hopes of a Big 12 title. Being in the south, UT will have 4 games against Baylor and Oklahoma that will go a long way in deciding the Big 12 pecking order. Look for this team’s success to stem from how well AJ Abrams can adjust to taking over the point from the departed DJ Augustine. HR-4 LR-14
Duke Blue Devils logo7. Duke 710 With Coach K now having a gold medal in his pocket, the Blue Devils look to retake their place atop the CBB elite. Senior leadership and 4 starters returning will allow Duke to give UNC a run for their money in the tough ACC. One of the best things that may happen to Duke this year is the smaller target on their chest due to their counterparts down tobacco road. If Duke can be Duke while flying under the national radar due to UNC’s shadow, they may have a chance to bring home an ACC title. HR-4 LR-12
Michigan St. Spartans logo8. Michigan State 695 If ever there was a year for the Spartans to return to the Final Four, this is it. With the Final Four being right down the road in Detroit there is added pressure for a return to glory. After a solid but somewhat disappointing season last year, Michigan St believes they have the tools to make a title run. The Spartans will play 3 regular season games in the Ford Center this year. They hope it will lay the foundation for a home court advantage come March. HR-4 LR-18
  Notre Dame Fighting Irish logo9. Notre Dame 660 Who would have ever thought the Basketball team would be the best squad in South Bend? What may seem sacrilegious to some is the truth for the golden domers. The Irish have 4 starters back including potential player of the year Luke Harangody. This experienced squad will have a say in who takes home the Big East crown, and if everything falls right, maybe the National Title as well. HR-4 LR-19
  Purdue Boilermakers logo10. Purdue 655 The Boilermakers look for their first Big Ten title in over 10 years. Purdue returns all 5 starters from one of the youngest and most surprising teams in the country last season. Experience and depth will prove to be key for Purdue this upcoming season. As for experience, they got off to a good start with a 5 game road swing through Australia in the off-season. As for depth, we will just have to wait and see. HR-5 LR-16
  Gonzaga Bulldogs logo11. Gonzaga 642 Everyone’s favorite mid-major is quickly becoming a big boy on the CBB scene. The Zags made their 10<sup>th</sup> straight tournament appearance last season, which is more then some of the power programs (Florida) can say. Lead by Jeremy Pargo and Josh Heytvelt, this years squad has veteran leadership and plenty of depth. This is arguably Few’s best team to date and could finally bring a Final Four to Spokane. HR-4 LR-18
  Tennessee Volunteers logo12. Tennessee 558 With the downturn of the football team, Old Rockytop will turn its focus to Bruce Pearls club. After a stellar year last season turned sour in the tournament. Pearl and co. look to rebound and prove that they are the best team in the state of Tennessee as well as the SEC. With only 2 starters returning it may take this squad some time to gel, but they should again prove to be a team to be reckoned with come March. HR-5 LR-19
  Memphis Tigers logo13. Memphis 535 After a devastating loss in last years Championship game, Memphis looks to rebound. Inexperience may haunt this team early with only 2 starters returning. Add that to a tough ooc schedule and things may start out rough for last season’s runner-up. Look for Memphis to gain experience as the season progresses and to get healthy in a weak Conference USA. Couple the gained experience with talent and Memphis should again be a factor late in the season. HR-3 LR-21
  Oklahoma Sooners logo14. Oklahoma 512 Jeff Capel leads the beast team out of Norman since those of Hollis Price and co. With a potential player of the year candidate in Blake Griffin and a potential freshman of the year in Willie Warren, OU has a great inside outside threat that could lead this team to its first Big 12 title since ’05. The key to this team will be how fast Warren can make the leap to the college game and how PG Austin Johnson can handle the pressure of distributing the rock to a team with big expectations. HR-5 LR-NR
  Miami (Fla.) Hurricanes logo15. Miami (Fla) 359 An up and coming program looks to hold down its position in the top 25. With 4 returning starters, Miami hopes to make the ACC more then just a two horse race. Miami was able to creep up on team’s last season but this year they need to prove that they can play as a favorite. Look for the Hurricanes, the sexy pick in the ACC, to become a legitimate threat to the conference elite. HR-8 LR-NR
  Arizona St. Sun Devils logo16. Arizona State 270 With all 5 starters back, ASU has big hopes for this year. After being snubbed from the tournament last season, ASU looks to rebound with a bit of a revenge factor. Herb Sendek has done a good job of creating Basketball interest in the desert. Now its up to the players to prove that they are not just a flash in the pan. The Pac-10 seems to be wide open outside of UCLA. Will ASU fill the void? HR-13 LR-NR
  Marquette Golden Eagles logo17. Marquette 264 Had Tom Crean not bolted for Indiana; Marquette would have been top 10 material coming into this season. The talent is there, but the questions that surround that talent will be how they accept new head coach Buzz Williams. Marquette should be poised for a run at a Big East title if they can come together as a team and Dominic James can prove that he really is one of the countries elite guards. HR-12 LR-NR
  UNLV Rebels logo18. UNLV 254 Is Lon Kruger one of the best coaches no one is talking about? We think so and he’ll be able to prove it again this year. Not since Tark have UNLV fans been as excited for an upcoming season. Look for UNLV to be the next Gonzaga as they could potentially become a top 25 mainstay. Wink Adams and co. look to make their third straight appearance in the Big Dance along with another Mountain West title. HR-7 LR-NR
  Florida Gators logo19. Florida 210 After a relatively quiet season last year, the gators look to prove they are still one of CBB elites with a return to the tourney. Last years frosh may have succumbed to a since of entitlement coming off of back to back national championships and it may have cost Florida its 11th straight tourney bid. Look for Billy D to re-focus a talented group of young players lead by stud guard Nick Calathes. Florida should be right there to challenge Tennessee for another SEC title. HR-15 LR-NR
  Kansas Jayhawks logo20. Kansas (1) 208 Coming off their first title in 20 years, KU is looking to keep things rolling. After losing all 5 starters and 7 of their top 9 from last years rotation there is probably no reason for KU to start this season in the rankings. Are there 25 better teams then KU at this point? Probably. Are there 25 more talented teams in the country? Probably not. Look for things to start out rough for the Jayhawks with a tough ooc schedule, but we still expect to see this team come March. HR-1 LR-NR
  USC Trojans logo21. USC 201 Anything less then a top 3 finish in this year’s Pac 10 would be a huge disappointment for a talented USC team. The Trojans may benefit with a little addition from subtraction. Gone is OJ Mayo and in is DeMar Derozen. Team up the stud frosh with Taj Gibson, Daniel Hackett and the rest of the USC lineup and this squad is has top 2 talent in the Pac 10. USC will have no one to blame but themselves if things don’t work out this season. HR-14 LR-NR
Villanova Wildcats logo22. Villanova 190 Did Villanova lose anyone of significance off of last years team? If so it’s hard to find them. With all 5 starters back the Wildcats have high expectations coming into the season. This could be your sleeper in a stacked Big East. Jay Wright leads one of his most experienced teams ever at Nova. If there ever was a year for a Final Four run, this may be it. HR-11 LR-NR
  Georgetown Hoyas logo23. Georgetown 174 With the loss of big man Hibbert, the Hoyas look to bounce back from an upset loss in last years tourney. Look for incoming frosh Greg Monroe to pick up where Hibbert left off as the incoming freshman should plan on seeing plenty of minutes early. If Monroe can fill the void down low, the Hoyas may be able to surprise some teams in the Big East. HR-8 LR-NR 
Baylor Bears logo24. Baylor 139 No program in the country has come further then Baylor. From being on the verge of dismissing the program to Big 12 title contender. Scott Drew’s club mirrors that of the football teams that are running rampant in the conference. Score, Score and Score some more. If Baylor has any hopes of becoming more then just a sexy pick they will need to figure out how to play a little D. One of the best backcourts in the country needs to show that they can do more then just put the ball in the hole. HR-11 LR-NR
  Davidson Wildcats logo25. Davidson 136 Last years Cinderella looks to show it has staying power. Davidson was one shot away from a Final Four and history for the Southern Conference. Potential player of the year Stephen Curry assumes the role of pg and will have to learn to create his own shot. No longer will he be able to spot up and benefit from departed senior Richard’s passes. Look for Curry’s ppg to drop this season, as he adjusts to his new role. HR-14 LR-NR
  • Others receiving votes: Wisconsin 130, Wake Forest 120, Syracuse 72, St.Mary's 29, Xavier 27, Kentucky 22, West Virginia 19, Alabama 16, UAB 16, Ohio State 15, Virginia Tech 15, San Diego 6, Texas AnM 2
  • Teams by conference: Big East- 7, Big 12- 4, ACC- 3, Pac 10- 3, Big 10- 2, SEC- 2, Mountain West- 1, Southern- 1, USA- 1, WCC- 1
Big thanks to everyone who contributed! Can't wait to see how things progress and fluctuate throughout the season.
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